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Long distance frame, Out of state frames, Family knows no distance, across the miles, custom frame, picture frame, state frame, out of state

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Featuring the states of your choosing, these frames have a faux wood background with the states of your choosing featured on the frame. Each state has a red heart and is connected by a dotted line. The wording can be changed, but as shown, says 'Love between family knows no distance'

Each frame is created from MDF wood with black sides and back. The frame can be hung from the keyhole backing or using the easel for table top display. The image is infused into the frame to give the illusion of distressed wood. The frame is created to hold a 4x6 photo in portrait orientation. The full frame measures 8 x 10 inches.

Long distance frame
Out of state frames
Family knows no distance
across the miles
custom frame
picture frame
state frame
out of state
Long distance family
across the states